About InnoTec21

The InnoTec21 GmbH is a private and independent service company which focuses on innovation, technology and knowledge-based services.

The company was founded in 2009 and offers a private service platform for optimal realization of research and development projects between companies and scientific institutions. The work of InnoTec21 carries out, promotes, spreads, transfers and improves research and development activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development with both industrial and academic partners. Within the department of electrical engineering, computing and ICT, InnoTec21 GmbH is also active in the field of user‐machine‐communication for sensor networking applications with focus on innovative systems and service integration, interface design and implementation.

InnoTec21 GmbH has a strong experience in system design on different levels including HW/SW‐interface definition, protocol specification, user interface realization including coding, privacy and security aspects. Especially the creation of digital representations of real‐world objects through the use of wireless sensor networks and expertise in prototyping and firmware implementation, mainly in the area of low data rate wireless communications.


  • Support service on all interfaces of the innovation process
  • Project realisation = conception, planing, preparation, application for funds, performance, controlling, accounting, exploitation
  • Consulting new business founder, enterprenuer, scientists
  • Development of innovations and solutions for complex tasks in industry and society
  • Project management and transfer of RTD performance
  • Transfer of knowledge and new technologies into the industry to increase the competitiveness and value creation
  • Networking between industry and science for continuous improvements in innovations and technology transfer

InnoTec21 management team

Elke Göring
Elke GöringIndustrial Engineer
Dr. Rainer Surkow
Dr. Rainer SurkowBiotechnologist
Reinhard Sturm
Reinhard SturmLife Sciences / Health Industry