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INNOTEC21 introduced its new product BITOEAR IoT software platform with big data analytics capabilities. The platform connects heterogeneous IoT intelligent devices and sensors and it supports heterogeneous data sources with standard communication protocol such as RESTful API and MQTT. The platform is fully scalable and real-time. It offers virtualization of sensors and IoT objects, scalable database with hybrid real-time and batch processing capabilities. The platform offers real-time monitoring, responsive, optimization and proactive applications.

IoT BigData Platform

The target scenarios for this platform are smart health, smart manufacturing, and smart grid for proactive and early notification, real-time situation monitoring and real-time business insight.

smart-wristbandWearable computing technologies have attracted significant attention in recent years although they are nothing new and may have seemed impractical and excessive in the past. With the emerge in the mobile device market, a new wave of wearable technology is also hitting the market. Because of the decreasing size of ICs and low cost sensors, a huge variety of connected devices are being developed. Health, activity and sports trackers, smart glasses, smart watches, and smart clothing are the next big thing in consumer electronics.

These devices won’t just be for consumers but a number of innovative wearable technologies for physical activity monitors have emerged in recent years that aim to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Heart-rate monitors, and pedometers are among the most common devices, taking shape in wristbands, watches, clothing, and accessories.

Most popular use of wearable technology is in personal fitness activities. It makes personal fitness fun by providing goals, challenges, and social interactions experiences. Beside personal fitness activities, wearable technology can be used to assist medical procedure by helping doctors and patients to monitor and diagnose disease. The applications of these devices are endless.

cyber physicalA cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system of collaborating computational elements controlling physical entities using sensors, controls and embeeded technologies. Today, a precursor generation of cyber-physical systems can be found in areas as diverse as aerospace, automotive, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, and consumer appliances.

Common applications of CSP typically fall under sensor-based communication enabled autonomous systems. The embedded systems can monitor and collect data from physical processes using various sensors. Cyber-physical systems make it possible for software applications to directly interact with events in the physical world, for example, many wireless sensor networks monitor some aspect of the environment and relay the processed information to node for further processing.

bio-engineeringThe application of engineering and technology principles to the domain of living or biological systems belongs to bio-medical technologies. These technologies denotes a principal emphasis on problems related to human health and diseases.

dieases modelingDisease models are mathematical representations of clinical conditions, intended to summarize what is known about the disease epidemiology, prevention and treatment, and can therefore be of great benefit to clinicians, researchers, professional societies, manufacturers, and policy makers. They can provide a foundation for research planning, cost-effectiveness analysis, clinical trial analysis, policy making, and education.

realtime positioningIT21 in cooperation with Dresden elektronik (DE) and advanced technology provider ZIGPOS GmbH (ZP) offers an evaluation kit for energy efficient and low cost high accuracy indoor and outdoor real time location systems based on ATMELs new phase measurement ranging technology. This out-of-the-box solution allows an easy start-up for evaluation of DE/ZP radio location technology based on state-of-the art scientific and technical know-how. Following a modular approach by combining well known Microcontroller Base Boards with the new advanced recently developed REB233SMAD Radio Extender Boards and easy to use kick-starter software package the kit enables a quick start up and easy evaluation of the new technology offered by DE and ZP. The radio modules include a IEEE 802.15.4 compatible communication as well as a highly accurate phase measurement add-on unit enabling low cost and energy efficient combination of radio communication and position estimation of a sensor/actor/radio node. Using the new evaluation kit the development efforts are reduced to a minimum for the basic technology evaluation phase.