Project Description


Internet connected objects for reconfigurable ecosystems.

Project overview

iCore initiative addresses two key issues in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT), namely how to abstract the technological heterogeneity that derives from the vast amounts of heterogeneous objects, while enhancing reliability and how to consider the views of different users/stakeholders (owners of objects & communication means) for ensuring proper application provision, business integrity and, therefore, maximize exploitation opportunities.

The iCore proposed solution is a cognitive framework comprising three levels of functionality,reusable for various and diverse applications. The levels under consideration are virtual objects(VOs), composite virtual objects (CVOs) and functional blocks for representing the user/stakeholder perspectives.

VOs are cognitive virtual representations of real‐world objects (e.g. sensors, devices, everyday objects) that hide the underlying technological heterogeneity. CVOs, on the other hand are cognitive mash‐ups of semantically interoperable VOs, delivering services in accordance with the user/stakeholder requirements. The iCore solutions will be equipped with essential security protocols/functionality, which span all levels of the framework, and consider the ownership and privacy of data, as well as controlling the actual access to objects. To validate the proposed solutions iCore addresses the following usecases: ambient assisted living, smart office, smart transportation, and supply chain management.


icore consortium map 2014The consortium consists of 22 partners, among which are 12 industrial partners, of which 8 areleading ICT manufacturers, telecom operators, software vendors, system integrators, software service/end users and 5 SMEs. These industrial partners are complemented by 5 internationally recognized research centres and 4 universities, all with an established track record in their area of expertise.