Project Description


To prototype an IEEE 802.15.4 compatible wireless sensor network adapter for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Project overview

As partner in the Apple MFI program IT21 has sucessfully developed a small form factor hardware extension for iOS devices. This project intends to establish a direct wireless link (IEEE 802.14.5 compatible) between devices in an energy efficient wireless sensor and actor network (such as ZIGBEE, 6LoWPAN) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Such a direct low power radio link enables a number of comfort and security functions for various application areas, such as Arduino experimantal platforms, home automation, smart energy, smart office, smart health, ambient assisted living, smart transportation, smart logistics and smart maintenance. Based on this DasDongle device a number of dedicated software applications can be realized as a follow up business.

IT21 worked with other three partners ZIGPOS GmbH – Dresden, Colorado Micro Devices – Colorado Springs, University of Applied Sciences – Dresden to prototype (20pcs) this wireless sensor network adapter for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and ramp up a small volume (1000pcs) production.