Project Description


To improve the networking of leading SMEs working in the field of graffiti management (prevention, protection, removal). Technology and Know-how transfer,  development of new technical / physical / chemical methods.

About the project

Graffiti is a collective term for both thematically and artistically different visual elements, such as images, logos or other characters, using various techniques on surfaces or by changing these were created in the private and public space by people.

Companies and research institutions want to build through interdisciplinary cooperation in research and development of a long-term network to reduce damage to land, buildings and the environment as a result of illegal graffiti / paint vandalism.

These new, environmentally friendly technologies, means and equipment and services for removal and prevention of graffiti and doing the necessary quality assurance will be developed and tested different prototypes. When removing and securing the cooperation network continues to manufacturers, service providers and victims should be included.